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Me with my wife Mandy

Me with my wife Mandy

I am a happily married husband, son, friend (hopefully a good one) and entrepreneur, who is hopelessly addicted the game of golf.  I was taught the game by my father, Darby Yaeger, who has been playing ever since he was a little boy. While he has been my most sage advisory on the game throughout my life (I still call him after every round I play), the thing I am most proud of is his respect for the game which he passed on to me. It is what makes the golf great, but enough of that, I’ve got plenty of blog posts to write on that subject matter.

I live in Washington, D.C. and have been playing golf since I can remember. As with other folks who share my affliction, I don’t get the chance to spend nearly enough time practicing and playing. But I make up for it by playing a solid 18 holes in my head every night when I fall asleep.  Remind me to write on that at some point.

When I’m not scheming some way to practice or play golf, I am devoted to my wife and our business together, Y BizDev. Y BizDev is a marketing, communications and business development consulting firm that helps small to mid-sized companies create growth strategies and communications programs aimed at capturing the elusive Gen-Y audience out there. We are young and hungry, but our experience and agility make us a potent tool for our clients.

Aside from golf and business, my love for music and creative outlets has always been a welcome distraction. Throw in a little travel with my wife and spending time with our families, and that just about rounds it out.

If you want to get in touch, leave a comment on the blog or hit me up on Twitter: @NickYaeger

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