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Great Deal: $100 of Golf Equipment for $50

July 27, 2011 Deal: Get $100 worth of golf equipment for $50 at The Golf Zone's online store (PLUS Free Shipping!)

Wow – time to dust off the old keyboard, it’s been a while!

So what’s brought me back to my own personal Golfoholics Anonymous meeting? A hell of a deal on golf equipment, that’s what. Turns out that Titleist habit of mine is expensive and NXT Tour balls aren’t gettin’ any cheaper. So I found this little bargain on (full disclosure: an old consulting client of mine, so I trust them), for $100 worth of equipment for $50 from the online retailer The Golf Zone.

I’m not one to buy group deals or group coupons for the most part, but I’ve looked into all the details and this one is legit. It’s only one per person, but if you’re like me and you are always buying stuff here and there, this is a good deal to take advantage of.

Click here to take advantage of the deal!

Hit ’em straight!


– Nick

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