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Verizon Heritage Fantasy Picks

April 14, 2010

Verizon Heritage 18th Tee

Verizon Heritage 18th Tee

Coming off a decent week at the Masters where we had KJ “CHOKE” Choi and el Tigre, not to mention our win with AK in the previous tournament, my father and I are now officially back in the hunt in our fantasy league!

Harbour Town

Harbour Town

This week the PGA rolls into Hilton Head Island, SC taking over the Harbour Town Golf Links.

One of my favorite tournaments of the season, Harbour Town always pays it forward to those who respect the course. It is a Pete Dye nightmare with railroad ties, pot bunkers, narrow fairways, wind from every direction and all the other typical trips and tricks you’d expect from ‘ol Petey boy.

As an aside, if you have ever played a Pete Dye course, you certainly share my frustration and I’m sorry (no idea what I’m apologizing, but it seems like the right thing to do?).  I’ve fallen prey many times to the blind shots, undulating fairways and treacherous greens at his local track PB Dye Golf Course. While not the most “fun” courses in the world, once you have the requisite course knowledge, I think they are a good measure of skill for those in the mid-low handicap range.

My father and I did our usual dance of mental midgetry (I’ve just coined that and now expect due credit from Mr. Webster…) to try and figure out who would perform best this week given the starting times, pairings, course conditions, pinkie sprains, etc. But truth be told, that isn’t what Harbour Town is about. Experience, course knowledge and an old fashioned love affair with the tournament is what wins the day here. In our humble opinion, it also helps to be from the South.

That being said, Nick & Darby’s picks for this week are…

Davis "I Hate to" Love, III

Davis "I Hate to" Love, III

Brian "Hey Guys!" Gay

Brian "Hey Guys!" Gay

Boo "Hoo" Weekly

Boo "Hoo" Weekly

Davis Love is a 5-time champ at Harbour Town, click here to read his take on the tournament, the economic impact the recession has had on sponsors and more from

Boo Weekly has also played well at Harbour Town in recent years, and though we haven’t been terribly impressed with his performances this year (not all bad), you can’t deny the fact that Boo loves this course and it loves him back. Boo also fits nicely into our gross assumption that Southerners play better here.

Brian Gay was a point of contention between us this week. I don’t particularly like him like week, but my father had a great point… “Kiddo, the guy won by 10 freakin’ shots last year.” When he’s right, he’s right. That is not a mistake and he can back it up this year. Hopefully he proves us right, as each time we’ve picked a repeat this year it’s burned us bad. Ultimately, he is playing well and I have to agree that a 10 stroke victory last year means Gay should have a ton of confidence in his ability to manhandle this course.

Enjoy the weekend and as always, drive for show and putt for $$$!


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