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First Round of the Year

April 1, 2010

Falls Road 3.30.10

Falls Road 3.30.10

Well, what can I say. It’s been a long time coming and I’ve been dying to break out of the winter blues. I’ve spent my fair share of time on the range throughout the winter months, and for those of you who have kept an eye on DC weather, that hasn’t been easy. At the last minute on what wound up being a cold, blustery afternoon I shot up River Road and to get a few buckets in before the daylight slipped away.

As I approached the course, I noticed only a handful of cars in the lot. As my eyes darted over to the range, I could see most of their owners were sitting there pounding away, leaving a wide open course to yours truly. Of course, I was laced up, warmed up and on the tee within 10 minutes.

Now, there are a few things in life that are just special to me. A solo round (even if it’s just 9 holes) on an empty course is one of the those things. More than anything, I was really excited for the chance to use my new toy, a 56 degree Volkey Wedge from the good folks at Titlest. LOVE IT! Admittedly, I play with older clubs. my irons are edging up on 15 years old now, but I hit them a mile, can work the ball either way and with the height I get on the ball, stopping it on the landing pad is usually not an issue.

Scorecard 3.30.10

Scorecard 3.30.10

But this new wedge from Mr. Volkey… oh man. I have always struggled with my consistency with my wedges, specifically with my aggressiveness because I was always afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold the green. With those grooves and some decent fairway conditions, it was like shooting darts. A lot of fun. Had I been able to putt, it really would have been fun. Here is a quick video recap on the round and the course. It’s not much and you’ll need to excuse the wind (20 mph!), but it’s a start and we’ll improve over time.

Hit ’em long and straight!


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